1st Year TTO Pupils or “Little Victorians”?

geplaatst op: 30-11-2017
Last Friday The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company came to De Nassau all the way from the UK to transform our first year TTO students into “Little Victorians”. Over the course of two hours, the pupils of B1a and B1b put on a spectacular show for some of their teachers and their families in which we learned what it was like to be a poor child living during the Victorian Age in Britain. We were transported back in time and witnessed all kinds of horrible happenings, such as children having to scour the sewers for lost coins and others being fatally injured while working in dangerous factories. Our pupils had a great time and wowed their parents with their English-speaking skills.

Petie Ermers and Peter Hendriks, the mentors of B1a and B1b respectively, also exercised their acting skills by playing the part of flirtatious maid Ruby during the two separate performances. Great fun was had by all, thank you to all who were involved!

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