"Last Friday night"

geplaatst op: 08-10-2015
was certificate ceremony for our fourth-year students and last year’s sixth-form students. No skinny dipping in the dark, nor dancing on tabletops as Katy Perry sings in her well-known song, although this might have occurred later in the evening, who knows? No, Friday night students of the bilingual department received their junior certificates, senior certificates and IB certificates.

Set in the auditorium of “De Nassau”, 36 students signed and received these valuable documents. The junior certificates were presented to the pupils bij Mr. Hendriks, coordinator of the bilingual department. In an epigrammatic speech, supported by powerpoint slides showing pictures of students throughout their first three school years , he praised them for their accomplishments and their enthusiasm. He finished with a short video of a Welsh stand up comedian, talking about his hardship at Dublin Airport where he only found the handle of his luggage, the rest of it had mysteriously disappeared.

Mrs. Mitchell presented the senior certificates and the IB certificates to the students who passed their exams last year and are now studying at various universities in the Netherlands and abroad. They had returned to their “old” school for this festive evening. Mrs. Mitchell praised them for their individual accomplishments and their creativity in their IB exams. She presented each student with a slide of pictures, cartoons and quotations which showed her perception of the student throughout the years. While listening to their teacher’s good-humoured comments, students sipped their favourite drink: hot chocolate.

During the informal conclusion of the evening, parents, students and teachers reminisced about foreign trips, pantomimes, Christmas parties, Halloween nights, pub-quizzes and other activities students enjoyed during their years at “De Nassau”. It was a pleasant evening.

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